Schwalbe LiteSkin

Schwalbe LiteSkin - the lightest option.

Please Note
  • Tubeless Easy tyres can run tubeless or with a tube
  • LiteSkin versions can also be fitted with or without a tube, but please be aware that tubeless fitting will require considerable patience and may require up to a week of attention. Contrary to the Tubeless Easy tyres, Schwalbe does not guarantee that the sealing of the LiteSkin tyres is successful in each case. (As the sidewalls are quite thin, probably best kept for race day)
  • Performance versions must be fitted with a tube

Liteskin MTB tyres forego Snakeskin, but still have high pressure resistant tyre beads.
We cannot guarantee that LiteSkin tyres used with commercially available sealants will be safely and permanently sealed.
Therefore we cannot take back any LiteSkin tyres that have been fitted with sealant.
Lite Skin
Published:09 Feb 2017