Continental Gravity 26"
Continental Gravity 26"
Continental Gravity with Gravity Arc grip.
The Continental Gravity is a classic fast rolling All Mountain tyre. The Gravity tyre will appeal to freeriders as well as cross country riders thanks to it's lightweight, yet tough 2.3" tread profile.
The tyre gets it's design from the "Gravity Arc" concept. The lugs on these tyres "arc" down from the middle of the lug to the tread base.
This both strengthens the lug and improves the lugs ability to grip, especially in severe conditions. Riders who try our Gravity Arc tyres will thus benefit from more positive cornering feedback where there is no folding or falling over of weaker shoulder lugs.
They will also find that these "arcs" beneath the tread lugs will enhance trail grip, especially in softer conditions where more of the tread is in contact with the ground. This low weight/high grip formula saves energy, so on longer rides where pedalling heavier tyres can really take their toll on tired legs, the Gravity is clearly a viable alternative.
  • 2.3" Freeride tyre - front & rear fitment
  • Aggressive appearance does not contradict its running smoothness.
  • Gravity Arc tread design sinks its claws reliably into loose surfaces and turns confidently. It utilizes the entire tread space with 3D Arcs & lugs to increase the tyres footprint & improve grip.
More technical information available here Technical Information
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26" x 2.3 -559
35- 65 PSI  Weight:770g
(84 TPI) Box wt:0g
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