Schwalbe Fat Albert Front 29"
Schwalbe Fat Albert Front 29"
Schwalbe Fat Albert Front 29" - The Legend returns for 2016

The driving force behind the new Fat Albert 29" has clearly been Gerrit Gaastra.
The bike guru and out-of-the box thinker has pushed us to break new ground and question the proven tread design.
This realm of the unknown is where you generate innovation and create outstanding tyres.

Fat Albert 2016
More than 15 years ago Schwalbe’s first Fat Albert was a big success.
It was not only the first tyre in 2.4 “ width, which was meant for all-round use, but for a long time it was the standard for high-traction tyres.
The incredible grip allowed riders of all abilities to ride difficult trails making the Fat Albert a popular choice.

Since then, mountain bike technology and how they are used has changed rapidly in many ways.
Suspension travel has become longer, frame designs refined, wheels have become larger.
Bikes today allow significantly higher downhill speeds than ever before, but one thing has never changed: tyres are still the most important component of every bike.
Every aspect of the bike can be perfect, but without a capable tyre you won’t stand a chance in demanding terrain.
Encouraged by sophisticated suspension and innovative design, bikers seek challenges on increasingly difficult trails.
As the line continues to blur between pedaling efficiency and robust downhill machines the rider demands on a tyre are now more diverse than ever.

That’s why Schwalbe has developed a radical new profile design specific for the front and rear tyre.
Proven to be worthy of the Fat Albert name, with appealing easy rolling and outstanding traction in all riding conditions.
The perfect trail tyre combination.
With this duo, the increased potential allows sophisticated bikes to fully explore both the most difficult descents and steepest ascents.
  • Tubeless Easy
  • TrailStar Compound
  • Snakeskin
  • Designed as front specific tyre paired with Fat Albert Rear
More technical information available here Technical Information
More information on the Schwalbe web site (Fat Albert Front)

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EVO Triple Star Compound TrailStar SnakeSkin
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