Returns form
To return a tyre or delivery for whatever reason, please obtain a returns authorisation below.
Any goods received without an authorisation number will not be accepted and will be returned to sender.
Please fill in the details below and ensure returns authorisation is included in package, thanks.
PLEASE NOTE we will not replace tyres that have been used excessively

Goods must be returned within 14 days of receipt.

Goods must be in original packaging.

Goods must not be fitted or used and in perfect condition in its original packaging. (We can tell when tyres have been fitted!).
Please do not return non UST/TLR tyres that you have fitted and/or put sealant in as we cannot refund you for these, even if they leak air (you should buy UST/TL specific tyres for this).

Goods which prove unsuitable (but correctly delivered) may be returned for a refund or exchange minus a standard postage cost. Proof of postage must be provided in case of dispute. We reserve the right to deduct the cost of posting the item to you from any refund due, (we have a standard charge of £4.40). If we need to send out an exchange item there will be a further charge for redelivery.
Goods returned after 14 days may be subject to a restocking charge of 10%. This does not affect your statutory rights.

If your tyre has a wobble and is brand new please make sure it has fully popped onto the rim (inflate to it's maximum pressure with some soapy water). If you ride an incorrectly fitted tyre it will develop a wobble memory

And tyres that have blown off the rim, really? It's almost always down to over-inflation pilot error, dodgy gauges or undersized/untaped rims. Please don't expect us to replace your "tyre blew off at only 40psi", thanks.

If your tyre has a wire bead, please don't fold, roll or bend the tyre as this damages the bead and your refund will be refused.

Please don't return tyres that you've had for more then 3 months, we think this is unreasonable, don't you?

Please do not return tyres that you have ripped the knobs off and then expect us to refund you, as we also think this is unreasonable, thanks.

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Has the tyre been fitted?
Has the tyre had sealant inside?
Has the tyre been subjected
to extreme use?
Has the tyre been stored where
sunlight can affect the rubber?
Has the tyre been stored near
fluorescent lights or motors
(including fridges and freezers)?
Has the tyre had only reasonable use?
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